Thursday, May 7, 2009


25 years of a GREAT marriage, and 4 wonderful daughters that make it all the better :) on Cinco De Mio mom and dad celibrated their 25th aniversery, they were going to go on a Alaska cruse but things have come up... so instead dad took the day off and they went to lunch and then went to dinner at Outback, and the maniger gave them 50% off!! AWSOME~!
Hey, so this is kandice again :) i signed up for my junior year classes!! CRAZY highschool is going by SO fast! so this will do all my credit's so senior year it's all just whatever haha here it is for ya if you are even interested

Semester 1- A1 Motion Picture/Theater Rm: 106(SMITH)
Semester 2- A1 Lifetime Sports Female Rm: 400(TOLLESTRUP)

Sem.1- A2 Spanish 1 Rm: 228(SWARTZ)
Sem.2- A2 Spanish 1 Rm: 228(SWARTZ)

Sem.1-A3 Precalculus Rm: 803(RUCHTI)
Sem.2-A3 Precalculus Rm: 803(RUCHTI)

Sem.1-A4 Chemistry Rm: 129(WENTZ)
Sem.2-A4 Chemistry Rm: 129(WENTZ)

Sem.1-B1 English 11 Rm: 612(DAVIS)
Sem.2-B1 English 11 Rm: 612(DAVIS)

Sem.1-B2 Film Literature Rm: 611(GARDNER)
Sem.2-B2 Animal Sci Rm: 238(BLACKHURST)

Sem.1-B3 AP Biology Rm: 220(LOUDER)
Sem.2-B3 AP Biology Rm: 220(LOUDER)

Sem.1-B4 MAGIC Rm: 116(VOORHEIS)
Sem.2-B4 Govt Citizen Rm: 901(REYNOLDS)

Also next week i'm going out to D.C for a few days to see cheryl and her family SUPER excited! and then in like 2 months i head for Cost Rica!!! that's my life in a nut shell

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Astronemy who knew that Astronemy was kind of a nerdy class??? obviousely everyone but me, well i'm in it and i hope we'll be learning things, because it's actually a really easy class, the first day the teacher asked what we wanted to learn and we will, because she doesn't really have a set i was like...stars?? ha well there is quiet a variaty of people in that class, a group was talking about their drugs and percings, when another group is talking about how they thought math was so funny the other i sit in the middle scared spit of them all! but i did learn that tomorrow there will be a penumbral luner eclipse at 5:38 a.m if any of you are interested in that, and also cheryl this one is for you, those two "stars" that are next to the moon at night that are really bright, well lately there is mainly just one, but those are actually the planets Jupiter and Venus, Venus being the closest though. listen to me, nerdy already, somebody stop the maddness!


it now has been, what...2 1/2 years with my braces on, and finally i went in last thurday they said i will be getting them off on march 20th!!!! WOOT WOOT! i feel like my mouth has been traped behind solid bars for to long! happy days here i come!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well i guess it's gonna be all up to me to update our blog... what would mom and dad do with out me?... too bad nothing really can be updated, I (kandice) went to preference last week with a kid named James Davis, it was alot of fun, and i will put up some pictures once we get them. So this is how i asked him, i wrapped up a whole bunch of different objects and priced them out,( soccer ball 14$, a penny 1cent, the world(it was a stress ball) aprox. a trillion zillion $, ect.) then in the end i wrapped up a piece of paper in a yellow easter egg, like really big and then wrote "going with kandice to preference....priceless" was great! but his answer totally over did mine. He actually droped off a real rooster! and i was over at my friends and my mom called me home, and i walk in and there is a rooster in my living room! and it started clucking at me and it made me laugh even harder! so we just stood there not knowing what to do with a rooster, and my dad came home (having a childhood trama, and now deathly afraid of roosters) he wanted to get rid of it asap. Well the not said, "I feel like the guy who had the rooster who laid golder eggs, i would love to go with you. haha and i didn't know if he wanted me to keep it... my dad told me to write a note back saying " i'm so excited that you said yes, you just shouldn't have used such FOWL language" HA, good one eh?
The dance was alot of fun, and i'll put up some pic's once we get them.
The snow is a killer right now, I actually did road like 2-3 weeks ago, and didn't pass, but it really wasn't my fault!...even though we kinda almost died....but the teacher was the one to tell me to go when there was a white car (that i swear wanted me to fail, or just kill some helpless students) that zoomed up as we turned and almost back ended us. So this comming week, hopefully, i have to do it again. But thats ok because i can't even get my license until march anyways.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

School and such !!

well, i'm pretty sure that mom and dad wont be getting on this blog to much...or not be able to figure it out without my help sooo you're gonna be hearing alot from me. Well i just started Highschool, and it's pretty frightining, but i'm getting used to it. The great thing about it, is the freedom, you get to do so much more, and everyone is more mellow :) but still DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA . Most of my classes are alright, but P.E we have a textbook...sence when do you need a textbook to kick a ball????? haha, then there is Real Esstate...which is interesting... ha... but it's all good.

i also got a job with pretty good pay, so i will be able to afford Costa Rica next year, i go after school and clean the windows and floors and bathrooms :P all depending on the day, luckly my friends holly and rose are there with me, so that makes it fun! and i will have double-triple the money i need for a trip by the end of the school year! WOOT WOOT! that releaves so much stress you have no idea! i have been truly blessed

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rums wanted our own blog so I'm going to copy a lot of this stuff I've already posted onto our new blog. I'm sorry Blairs...but seeing as I am a Taggart now I will have to say goodbye but I hope you keep this blog up!! I want updates!

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